Kids Daily Oily Routine

Kids went back to school or daycare this week! Activities resumed with the rest starting in the next couple of weeks. This means they are tired, grumpy, overwhelmed and just generally more selectable to picking up those dreaded bugs!!

So I’m leaning on my oils – here is my daily routine:

Morning Diffuser: Every morning I have an uplifting oil in the diffusers based in the common areas. My favs at the moment are Wild Orange, Peppermint and Grapefruit or Cheer (10% off this month). I put a detoxing oil in all the bedroom diffusers. I am currently using OnGuard and Easy Air or Lemon and Tea Tree. This freshens up their rooms and gets rid of all the energy expelled during the night.

Before School: All 3 kids (8,4,1) get the stronger blend rolled over their spines and on the bottoms of their feet. This helps to protect their bodies from any sickness at school and kinder. They then get to choose 1 oil from the kid’s collection to have on their chest, wrists and/or stomach. My 4-year-old often chooses the Grounding blend while my 8-year-old is drawn to Brave. Allowing them to choose helps them to feel into their own bodies about what they need for the day. The more you let them choose the better they will get at listening to their own bodies. 

After School: The diffusers are always going with something grounding such as Balance, Peace, Wild Orange, Lavender Peace or Forgive. My 2 youngest have a bath with a cup of Epsom Salts and Lavender and Tea Tree. This helps with calming and detoxification. My eldest will shower at the same time so he will get the aroma from the oils.

Before Bed: In the evening their diffusers have a sleep blend. We mix this up a fair bit because as their bodies go through different stages and feelings they need different things

General Calming – Lavender and Cedarwood or Lavender Peace 
Setting Crazy Kids – Vetiver and Lavender 
Kids with Nightmares – Juniper Berry and Balance 
Babies – Lavender and Roman Chamomile
Sickies – On Guard, Easy Air and Balance

Bed Time: Before stories are read (or after if I forget) I roll oils down their spines and onto their feet. The oils used depend on the child and what they need. It really is trial and error to what oils work best for each child. My eldest LOVES lavender and it works so well for him but my middle child seems to prefer earthier oils such as Cedarwood and Vetiver.

Most of all you need to have fun with your kids and oils! Let them choose what they like/need and make it part of your daily routine. My kids will now ask for oils for any ailment they are suffering from whether it be a sore tummy, itchy bites, runny noses or general grumpiness. Teach them how to use them and help them to become aware of how oils make them feel and I am sure you will have as much success as I have had!


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