Swimming Protocol

Chlorine is such a harsh chemical, I understand the necessity for it in our swimming pools but I am also well aware what is does to our bodies. My kids have always been very sensitive to chlorine. They used to get sick as soon as lessons would start, their skin would become dry and itchy and their gut health would decline triggering undesirable behaviour. I wasted so much money on lessons they couldn’t attend until I learnt how best to counteract the effects of chlorine on their system.

Here are some of the things I have been doing:

Getting the chlorine off: It is super important to get the chlorine off their skin as soon as possible. I don’t let my kids swim and then go off and do something for the rest of the day. If possible it is best to rinse them off at the pool. We only live around the corner so I take them straight home and they get in the shower. Use a really gentle natural soap such as castile or coconut soap. If you are using a soap with fragrances you are adding additional toxins to their already overloaded system.

Detoxing: If time is permitted I take them straight out of the shower and into an Epsom and Magnesium salt bath for 20 min. If not then definitively the next day. I will always add 2 drops of Tea Tree and 2 drops of Lavender to help the detoxification process. It is great if you can give your kids a detox bath 2-3 times a week when they are swimming weekly.

Vitamin C: Chloramine is the chemical that attaches itself to skin and hair after swimming. It is not able to be washed away by showering which is why you may smell chlorine in the days following swimming. It is extremly harmful to the human body and as it comes out of the skin (through sweat and opening of pours) it can cause skin irritations and dryness. Any child with eczema needs to have a plan to rid themselves of chloramines after swimming to reduce flare ups. Vitamin C neutralises chloramines in the body as will as boosting immunity. I use Metagentics vitamin C as I trust it to be a pure source. My kids have it mixed in with water once a day in the 3 days following lessons.

Multi-Vitamin: To help to boost immunity during swimming times my kids all take a multi vitamin. We use doTERRA kids A-Z chewable as I trust it as a pure source of nutrients. Please seek advice from a health care professional when choosing vitamins as there are lots on the market that are full of things I wouldn’t want my kids to have. Feel free to contact me if you would like some assistance in choosing one but I highly recommend doTERRA.

Pro-biotic: To restore the good bacteria back into my kids guts they have daily pro-biotics. I use one recommended by our naturopath to suit the needs of my kids. I highly recommend seeking assistance with choosing one with the correct bacteria’s.

Skin Barrier: I don’t use a barrier on my kids as the pool doesn’t allow it in the water however if you child is very sensitive or has extreme eczema I would recommend approaching your center or getting a letter from your doctor. You can coat the skin with a barrier cream such as coconut oil, shea butter or another thick moisteriser. It is great to add vitamin C powder to it to reduce chloramines as well as essential oils.

Post swim mosteriser: Lather your kids in a good quality moisteriser or oil after bath/shower with essential oils and/or vitamin C powder to cleanse the skin.

Essential Oils: I add immune boosting oils to their daily oily routine during swimming seasons. The kids have the kids Stronger blend or a mix of On Guard and fractionated coconut oil on the soles of their feel and down the spine at least once a day. They also get to choose one or two other oils to apply each day. I let them choose because kids intuition is amazing at knowing what their bodies need.

Water: Make sure they have plenty of filtered water before and after swimming to help flush their system. I know it sounds pretty simple but it can be very easy for kids to not be having enough water.

I hope some of those tips come in handy for you during the swimming season! They can be applied to both kids and adults. Let me know below if you have any other great tips and whether any of these worked for you.

Much love

Carolyn xx

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