Cleaning your Diffuser

Check out those diffusers! They were in much need of a good clean! Your diffusers will only work effectively when they are clean and the water is able to filter through with ease. When they get clogged with thick oils, coconut oil or general nasties in your water they will stop pushing out the vapor of your oils.

You can tell when they need to be cleaned as they will not run dry. They will still have water in the bottom of them when they switch themselves off. You can also see the discoloration inside. You should clean your diffusers once a month or more if any of the above occur.

How to clean your diffuser

1 tbs of white vinegar
1/4 cup of water
2-10 drops of Lemon
Cloth or paper towel

In an empty diffuser add the white vinegar and water
Run the diffuser for a minimum of 5 minutes
Pour the liquid out of the diffuser
Add 2 drops of Lemon essential oil and wipe around with a clean cloth or paper towel
*If the discoloration is still there add a couple of drops of lemon to your cloth and wipe again

The vinegar will clear out the inside of your diffuser from oil blockages and the lemon will clean the stains. You will notice the difference once you run your diffuser again!

Add the next clean to the calendar so you don’t forget! Nothing worse than wasting precious essential oils because your diffuser is not clean and therefore not working at it’s optimum level.

Carolyn xx

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