Why Host Your Own Class?

When you come to a class hosted my me you will learn all the basics and a little bit about everything but when you host your own I will tailor the class to you. Think of any issue you may have be it sleep, pain, emotions, depression, cleaning, cooking, hormones, kids, teens, skin and I am sure there is an oil for it! I will make sure that I am giving you specific information to help you and your family.

There is something about having me in your home, teaching you all about Essential Oils that is powerful. You can come to a class that is hosted by me and you will learn all the things but there is something special about having your closest friends and family around when learning new information.

When you are in an environment that is comfortable to you, and you have your friends around you and not strangers, you are able to open up more and I am able to help you with your specific needs. When you host a class with me I will spend some time learning about what your individual needs are prior to the class and tailor it to you. This will make the class much more worthwhile and it really sets you on a better path for natural health and well being.

I bring everything required for the set up and DIY items. I provide you and your guests samples of the oils (as long as I have a guest list in enough time) before the class so everyone can have an experience first. I will also give you a recipe ebook and oils to cook up some delicious items if you would like. You do not need a picture perfect home or an incredible space. You just need a room that your friends can be in. I have taught classes in lounge rooms, kitchens, empty rooms with pillows on the floor, in women’s circles or outside in nature. There is really no rules or requirements, whatever feels good to you!

In my experience I have found people who host their own classes use their oils more often and have a better understanding of what to do when they get them. There is something about remembering what I said while in your home that is much more powerful than coming to a regular event.

In addition to this when you get your friends on board you have someone who is close to you to talk about essential oils with and this provides more opportunity for use and discovery. If they also host their own class that you can then go to it also deepens your knowledge. The more classes you attend, remembering that I make them different for each host, the more information you will obtain and the more often you will get use from your oily purchase.

The bonus of this is also that you are rewarded for referring your friends. The rewards can be oily if you just love living the natural health lifestyle or they can be monetary if you are loving sharing them with your friends and family. This is something that I would have a discussion with you about after the class has finished or in the days following.

I host classes for free for all people who are new to doTERRA. If you think you would be interested in hosting your very own class then please contact me via the contact page and we will get you all booked in! I travel all around Australia. If you are not in Australia we can book in an online class with just you and your friends until I am able to make the trip to you.

If you already have essential oils then I urge you to contact the person who you purchased them through to teach you more. If this is not possible then I am able to run classes for you at a cost depending on where you are located and what you would like. Please contact me to find out more.

Looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you as everyone needs to learn this information. I am so passionate about this information and I truly believe that it is something that is for everyone!

Carolyn xx

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