Immune System

Our Immune Systems are our biggest asset or our greatest downfall. As Autumn sets in and winter is approaching it is important to be ready for this change in season.

Things that compromise your immune system:
Eating additives and preservatives
Eating a diet high in sugar and processed food and drink
Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep
Lack of movement and exercise
Prolonged periods of stress
Medications including over the counter pain relief
Chemical and toxic overload including garden sprays, cleaning products, personal care products and fragrance
Alcohol, smoking and other drug substances

Things that can strengthen your immune system
Eating a whole food diet full of organic fruit and vegetables
Drinking AT LEAST 2 litres of water a day
Moving your body every day through intense or light exercise
Meditation, stillness or time away from everything – this could be as little as 5min a day
Quality sleep. Remembering the highest quality sleep you have is before midnight
Reducing stress (more information on this below)
Take high-quality supplements (as directed by your health care professional)
Clean your hands regularly and use a chemical-free hand sanitiser
Reduce your body’s toxic load by changing cleaning products to essential oil-based products, replacing your personal care products with a more natural option and using essential oils to naturally scent your home rather than fake fragrance.

Prolonged periods of intense stress can affect the immune system, according to the National Cancer Institute. When we are stressed we create a hormone in the brain called cortisol. Cortisol can impair the T-Cells from fighting off infection. This is why we often end up getting sick when we are stressed and feeling run down. It is of the utmost importance to reduce stress in your life where you can. The best thing you can do for stress is nutrition, water intake and sleep but below are some other suggestions.

Some suggestions for reducing stress:
– Confiding in friends and family
– Leaning on friends and family to support you when you are feeling overwhelmed
– Ask for help! This is not something that comes easily to a lot of people as we want to be seen to be able to do everything on ow\ur own. This is especially the fact for mums who are trying to juggle all the things. People want to help you and you are actually empowering other people by allowing them to assist you. Ask another mum to look after your kids for a few hours, hire a cleaner, plan meals that only take 15min to put together, get kids to make their own beds, tell your partner you need help with something, explain to your boss you can’t make that deadline. It is ok to ask for help! People will not think less of you and if they do they are absolutely not worth worrying about.
– Meditate or at least find moments in your day when you can be still and have no distractions to just being alone with your own thoughts
– Practice breathe work, there are heaps of great YouTube videos for this.
– Journal and find gratitude in every day. Focus on the positives rather than the negatives, what do you have to be grateful for? Try to write down 10 things every day.
– Use essential oils to work through your emotions
– Seek help from a medical professional, get your blood work done to check vitamin and mineral levels. I have an excellent naturopath that gives me the correct dose of vitamins for my needs and body.
– Use all the alternative natural health modalities that you can. Acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic, remedial massage, naturopathy, myopathy or anything else that you are drawn to. These are more natural than traditional medical care and you may just find it works for you.
– Stop doing all the things. Actually, just stop, the world will not fall apart if you spend a couple of days resting and working out what can go and what has to stay.
– Find something you love doing. I love being with my husband, I love going to women’s circle, I love my work in the world, I love hanging with my kids, I love catching up with friends for a walk or a coffee. These things keep me going and offer a reprieve in times of stress.

Essential Oils that I use:
On Guard: I use this in the diffuser, clean with it, roll in on myself and my kids and use the on guard hand sanitiser. This product is a combination of oils known as the protective blend.
Oregano: A powerhouse when it comes to our bodies. I suggest you do some googling on this oil! Rolled on soles of your feet.
Rose: The queen of oils and the oil of love. Do some research!
Emotional essential oils such as peace, cheer, motivate, forgive, passion and console. These do exactly as each name suggests. Depending on what you are feeling or want to feel will depend on what oil you gravitate to. You can diffuse these or rollover your spine, chest and wrists when diluted.
Neroli, Jasmine and Magnolia: The floral oils are powerhouses when it comes to protecting our hearts and our space from stress and outside influence. I roll them over my chest, down my spine and wrists.
Lemon: I use lemon for cleaning down surfaces, in my water and diffused to detoxify the air.

Supplementation I choose to take (as directed by my health care professional)
A full dose of doTERRA Life-Long Vitality every day
Ethical Nutrients Vitamin C and Zinc powder in my water daily
doTERRA Mito2Max if I am feeling low on energy
Metagenics Probiotics

Your immune system is your greatest defense. I hope you will implement some of these strategies and remember if you don’t yet have essential oils head to the ‘purchase oils’ tab to get started. If you are unsure what you want/need then send me a message and I will be in contact.

I hope everyone is staying well 🙂

Carolyn xx

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