Managing your Energy Part 2 – Emotions

In part 1 we looked at how our physical health can be a driver of energy. When we eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise daily and get plenty of sleep our energy stores will be high. Today I am going to discuss with you how our emotions can impact on our energy. Actually manyContinue reading “Managing your Energy Part 2 – Emotions”

Immune System

Our Immune Systems are our biggest asset or our greatest downfall. As Autumn sets in and winter is approaching it is important to be ready for this change in season. Things that compromise your immune system:Eating additives and preservatives Eating a diet high in sugar and processed food and drinkNot enough sleep or poor qualityContinue reading “Immune System”

Managing your Energy Part 1 – Physicality

In a world where we are so concerned with time I would like us to turn our thoughts to our energy. I hear all too often from customers, team members, friends and family that ‘I just don’t have time’ but everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and it is how we chooseContinue reading “Managing your Energy Part 1 – Physicality”

Vegan Cinnamon Fruit Pancakes

My kids love pancakes! They would have them everyday if I could be bothered making them! I was a sick of making the same egg, flour and milk pancakes so I decided to mix it up a bit! These ended up unintentionally being vegan which is a bonus for those of you who don’t eatContinue reading “Vegan Cinnamon Fruit Pancakes”

DIY My First Deodorant

My son is 8 and he has started his pre-puberty transition which means the hair on his legs is starting to grow, he is growing taller, he is tired a lot of the time and he is starting to get pretty bad body odor. (recipe at the end of this blog) We decided it wasContinue reading “DIY My First Deodorant”

Cleaning your Diffuser

Check out those diffusers! They were in much need of a good clean! Your diffusers will only work effectively when they are clean and the water is able to filter through with ease. When they get clogged with thick oils, coconut oil or general nasties in your water they will stop pushing out the vaporContinue reading “Cleaning your Diffuser”

Supercharged Cacao to Start your Day

Have you ever tried starting your day off with supercharged cacao or bulletproof coffee? It took me a while to work out a recipe that I liked and that felt good in my belly but now I have found it I drink it almost every day. The reason they are so good for you isContinue reading “Supercharged Cacao to Start your Day”

Swimming Protocol

Chlorine is such a harsh chemical, I understand the necessity for it in our swimming pools but I am also well aware what is does to our bodies. My kids have always been very sensitive to chlorine. They used to get sick as soon as lessons would start, their skin would become dry and itchyContinue reading “Swimming Protocol”

Foaming Hand Wash

Foaming hand is one of the easiest swaps you can make to help reduce the toxins in you home. It requires only 4 ingredients and one of those things is water! It is also super cheap! Supermarket hand washes contain ingredients that can disrupt our hormonal systems, damage our cells and cause issues with ourContinue reading “Foaming Hand Wash”